Steel: Shock Seven Steel
Rockwell: 57 rc
Length: 50″ total (127cm); 12.25″ handle(31.1 cm) ; 37.75″ blade (95.9 cm); 10″ guard (25.4 cm)
Balance Point: 4.25″ (10.8 cm) from the guard
Handle Material: Ipe with wrap with veg tanned leather wrap or cord wrap
Tip: lobe tip
Weight: 3 lbs 5 oz (1.5 kg)

Weight & balance point are based on the standard guard

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Additional pommels and guards will not be sold separately from swords.

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Handle Styles:
Wrap type:

Ring guard: $90.00 USD

Number of Risers*

*Risers must be at least 1/2″ from the edge and at least 1/2″ from each other

Alternate Pommels

Great News! The Eisen Pferd “Iron Horse” Blunt Training Sword is Longpoint tournament approved! If you’ve been looking for a blunt training sword that’s exceptionally well balanced, easy to handle, extremely durable and looks great, look no more!

The Eisen Pferd is similar to the Arbeitspferd in length at 50 inches total length. The blade and guard are both made with Shock Seven Steel, a carbon steel with 125 foot pounds of shock resistance, which allows it to be very durable! The same great lobe tip as the Arbeitspferd feder keeps it safe and the same great pommel nut design keeps the furniture locked together through hundreds of strikes

The handle is made of Ipe (pronounced “ee-pay”) from FSC approved sources. Ipe is a Brazilian hardwood with a Jenka Harness rating of 3,510 lbf (15,620 N); it has the same burn rating as concrete. The handle is wrapped and covered with stitched-on veg tanned leather or a braided cord (your choice).

The Eisen Pferd is designed to be easy to handle, well balanced, and able to withstand the demands of tournament use or training.

They are made to order and will take roughly 4-5 months to complete from time of order.

Please feel free to contact us about the status of your order.